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Veterinary surgeon at Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore and operator of a Singapore housing agency,

Tuesday, May 24, 2005



"Long queues, long waiting time," a new pet shop operator said to me as he wanted to open a veterinary practice in Singapore despite my discouragement. "The vets must be making a lot of money."

Obviously successful veterinary practices have been established for over 5 years and the proprietors have had worked hard to build up the practices. I have seen unsuccessful practices closed down but nobody talked about them. The grass is always green on the other side (if it is successful).

I discouraged him from setting up a veterinary practice not because a new veterinary practice would be one additional competitor. Competitors are inevitable. Under-pricing is a fact of life, even amongst veterinarian.

This pet shop operator was not financially strong. As I go around the pet shops and breeders vaccinating puppies, I get to know who is doing well and who is not. His employees would tell me that they have had not been paid promptly or their salaries had been delayed. I did not want to be brutally frank.

I mean, the employee veterinarian of this proposed veterinary practice will just pack up and go once he or she sees that the proprietor has no money even to pay staff. The younger generation is not going to be patient to wait till the veterinary clientele builds up. This takes about a year. With changes of veterinarians or no vets being available due to poor finances, how could this practice be built up?

How could this proposed practice adopt the various regulatory demands if the proprietor has not much money to operate daily? These regulations need money to construct or buy equipment. To service them. To maintain a standard of care that is expected of a veterinary practice by pet owners and by regulatory authorities.

4. SUPER STAR. The vet is the super star of the proposed veterinary practice. If this professional sees that the investor is not prepared to pump in more money to build up the practice, delaying his salary payment, he will just look for other busy clinics to gain more experience and build up his expertise so that he will open his own practice. The practice cannot be open if there is no vet.


In this example, you can see that there is no PASSION, MONEY or HARD WORK and therefore, the pet shop operator who is not a veterinarian and who has no money (to be brutally frank), will not be able to retain a good veterinarian who will make money for him. There is something wrong with his thinking but I may be wrong for being negative.

I may be seeing half a glass of water as empty while he is seeing half a glass as full of opportunities to make money. If he can find investors to pump in money that is, using OPM (other people's money), he would prove me wrong.

In real estate work at, I note that my successful agents are those who have passion in focusing on the clientele and able to have some money to pay for the car and office equipment. Hard work is second nature to them.

BEING AVAILABLE is a very factor in success not stated in most articles and books on HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN REAL ESTATE.

If your mobile phone is switched off most of the time and you are lazy or not interested in replying to emails within 24 hours, you don't expect me to refer any more cases to you or to entrust you with clientele of

For those of you wanting to go into real estate as self-employed, you still need to have PASSION, MONEY and HARD WORK (working day and night). And be available at least during the 8 am to 10 pm period of time. If not, I don't know how you can survive or support your family.


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