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Sunday, May 08, 2005


SURVIVAL SECRETS FOR HOUSING AGENTS - How to handle nasty clients

All the expletives she could think of, she hurled them at the housing agent. The agent had gone all the way to find this company manager a replacement tenant so that she and/or her company would not have to pay the rental for breaking the lease.

The replacement expatriate's flight was delayed. So, the agent got abused verbally. He was very angry. He was a soft-spoken genteel man. Always able to control his temper in adversity. Now, he got an earful of obscene words. "Profanity from a lady who is a manager," he told me.

"Stay cool. This is the modern world, the real world," I told him. "Some ladies are not what you expect them to be. Managers may not be civil anymore in a quick-paced society."

So, what should he do? Gave her a nasty e-mail reply as she would be complaining about him to the boss of the housing agency. Show her reply to everybody including the CEO of her company.

"Don't reply," I instructed. "E-mail the company to say that the expatriate was unable to come and that you would be unable to help. I don't want the new expatriate to encounter UNPLEASANTNESS when he comes to take over the apartment. He can get another unit without hassle."

The company human resource manager knew about the manager's profanity. So, let it be.

It is best not to fight fire with fire. You can get burnt and may be sued for libel if you reply when you are so angry.

I expect him to accept my advice. And so do all housing agents of It is just not worth teaching crude people how to behave civilly. There are better things to do. Focus your energy on moving to new business and sip a cup of green tea to cool down.

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